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Hosted by Chad Landry, with Lympho-Maniac, New Orleans Saint Michael Mauti shares his journey with Ulcerative Colitis.

How do we maintain a positive attitude when facing a cancer diagnosis or any other illness or hardship?

Hosted by Chad Landry, each show shares a common focus — MENTAL and PHYSICAL SURVIVORSHIP. From amazing individuals who share their powerful and inspiring stories to top doctors and scientists who discuss their cutting edge treatment programs and therapy, the glass is always “half full” on every Living Lympho episode. We aim to inspire, support, and educate our listeners.



The Rich Mauti Cancer Fund Mission

In October of 1978, I learned that my father had been diagnosed with lung cancer. It took his life and my heart on November 16, 1979. The Rich Mauti Cancer Fund is a unique organization made up of 100% volunteers (no administrative costs) dedicated to fighting cancer. Our vision for the future is a totally and…

2015 RMCF Recipient Elise Angelette

It was the summer of 2014 when I found it: a decent sized lump in my right breast, enough to palm in my hand, all amidst caring for my family of 7 children under and nursing my baby girl. Looking back, it seems like a slow motion replay of a scary movie and blink of…